Ecosystem Partners

Technology & Venture Commercialization

Technology and Venture Commercialization (formerly the Technology Commercialization Office) manages the U’s intellectual property and works with new and established companies to develop technologies.

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is home base for student entrepreneur programs at the U. Programs include student business plan competitions, innovation courses, internships and commercialization opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholars

The Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholars program brings together innovative faculty at the U who share the common dedication to motivating and enriching the translational experience for faculty and student entrepreneurs.

Center for Medical Innovation

Medical doctors and students interested in innovation have a one-stop-shop for resources at the Center for Medical Innovation. It serves as an information and gathering hub for faculty, students and industry in the health sciences.

Center for Engineering Innovation

The College of Engineering, with the Utah Nanofabrication Laboratory, established the Center for Engineering Innovation. It bridges the gap between basic science and engineering innovation and commercial product development.

Corporate Concierge

The new Corporate Concierge Program at the University of Utah is working to help community partners leverage the entire set of capabilities at the U. The program helps coordinate everything from scholarships and internships to sponsored research and entrepreneurship.

V.P. for Research

The Vice President for Research office at the U oversees many aspects of research and related activities across campus, including commercialization, compliance and education. The office also manages many related institutes, centers and initiatives.

Office of Sponsored Projects

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) was established in 1967 at the University of Utah. Its mission is to enhance research by providing service and support to administration, faculty and staff in their efforts to secure and manage external funding for university activities.

Campus Partners

The University of Utah also has many more innovative partners across campus. Developing inventions and making a positive impact is a broad effort that includes countless people and organizations.

Reports & Publications

University of Utah Innovate Report 2016 Past Issues
> 2015 edition
> 2014 edition
> 2013 edition
Technology & Venture Commercialization Annual Report 2016 Past Issues
> 2015 edition
> 2014 edition
Health Sciences Algorithms for Innovate Report 2016 Past Issues
>2015 edition
> 2014 edition
> 2013 edition
> 2012 edition
University of Utah Student Innovation at the U Report 2017 Past Issues
> 2016 edition
> 2015 edition
> 2014 edition
> 2013 edition
Last Updated: 6/27/17
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